Rosita Ståhl

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    Rosita Ståhl first started glass at Orrefors Glass School in Småland, Sweden. After that she studied Craft – Glass and Ceramics program on Bornholm, Denmark. There she focused on the qualities of glass, forms and decorative elements. She has been to the US working for glassartists and taking classes at Pilchuck Glass School several times.

    Rosita gets very inspired from shapes in nature and botany. She makes drawings after her travels around the world. Working with different settings with her own expressions in glass. Playing with glass- having fun, making experiments- Both playful and poetic. Simple and complex concepts are important for the decoration and form of her pieces. Rosita works with contrasts such as coarse/fine and fragile/strong, relative to the finished expression of the inner and outer forms. Her experiences and travels around mountains tells a story- a story where she, puts her landscapes into the shape of glass.

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Galleri Ekdahl- Soloshow- From May 1st- 16th I will show my work in glass and also some new paintings that I'm very excited about. The Opening is 1st of May- 5pm- 8pm. The gallery is open...

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“KIM” Konstrundan I Majorna

Konstrundan i majorna! I am one of 84 artists who opens up my studio for the public. Welcome to Konstrundan i majorna, Gothenburg- Sweden. This is one of the biggest Art and craft/Events...

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Guest Artist at Lerverk in Gothenburg

From January 2020 and a year ahead I will be a guest Artist at Lerverk, by Kronhusbodarna in Gothenburg were you can buy my work. Welcome....

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