Konstvågen 2020 > 2021

This years "Konstvågen" (art round) out on the Islands of Öckerö is cancelled this year, you are welcome 7-8 of August next year 2021 instead. (Due to Corona-...

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Galleri Ekdahl- Soloshow- From May 1st- 16th I will show my work in glass and also some new paintings that I'm very excited about. The Opening is 1st of May- 5pm- 8pm. The gallery is open...

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“KIM” Konstrundan I Majorna

Konstrundan i majorna! Moved from April to the End of summer/ Autumn!) - because of Covid-19. I am one of 84 artists who opens up my studio for the public. Welcome to Konstrundan i majorna,...

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Guest Artist at Lerverk in Gothenburg

From January 2020 and a year ahead I will be a guest Artist at Lerverk, by Kronhusbodarna in Gothenburg were you can buy my work. Welcome....

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Open Studio

Christmas mingle in my Studio in Majorna, Gothenburg. November 26th and December 5th between 6pm- 9pm. Contact me if you are interested in a...

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Ateljé- My studio!

Contact me if you are interested in My work. If you/ a group or your company wants to visit My studio in Majorna, Gothenburg, SWE. E-mail me:...

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Stockholms auktionsverk

7 of my "Mountains" is selected for The Swedish Contemporary Glass Auction at Stockholms Auktionsverk, the auction is between September 14th-19th. The glass is shown and sold from Stockholms...

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Glass exhibition- THE SPACE GALLERY

Solo show- "Mountains", 24th of August- 6th of October,Shanghai,...

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After 7 years part- owner of Sintra Store I am now moving on to New...

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One of ten artists at Wanås konst

Work by me in Wanås shop, Knislinge- Sweden from April until december...

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Birds and Eggs – UNIKT GLAS 3-17th of march

Welcome to Unikt Glas close to Avenyn at kristinelundsgatan. Come and see my show before the 17th of...

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Agnes-Nicole Winter

King Essays review My glass at Agnes Nicole Winter’s home in Beverly...

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Windowshow at Lerverk in Gothenburg.I will show some of my latest work during 2nd of September until 23rd of...

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Konstvågen 2017

Welcome to this summer of Konstvågen. The 5th and 6th of August 11am-6pm. I will show my glass and Sarah Lycksten will show Photos taken with an old technique used in the 1800- century....

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Konstvågen 2016

In August 6-7th, 10 am- 6pm I will show and sell my glass at Hönö Island, Sweden. Welcome to stop by!Please follow this link for more...

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Window exhibition at Sintra

From August 29th – September 22nd I show some of my work in the window at Sintra’s art and craft store in...

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